Book: Aztlan – The Last Sun

This is another new release by one of my favorite Star Trek authors Michael Jan Friedman, “Aztlan: The Last Sun” . I am currently reading his previous book  “Fight the Gods” released in late 2011.

Here is the official book description:

It’s 2012. Maxtla Colhua is an Investigator for the Empire–an Aztec Empire that, having successfully repelled Hernan Cortes in 1603, stretches from one end of what we know as the Americas to the other. Now the Last Sun is upon Maxtla’s people, and someone has decided to punctuate it with a series of grisly murders reminiscent of the Aztecs’ pagan sacrifices in ancient times. Can Maxtla find the killer before his city is ripped apart and the Last Sun becomes the death knell for the Empire?

Aztlan: The Last Sun”  is the first in a series of brand-new murder mysteries set in an exciting world that never was but could have been!

This one speaks to my love of ancient civilizations, especially those from the Americas. It’s definitely on my “buy next for my Kindle” list.

As soon as I can finish “Fight the Gods” this one will be next. Get your copy now.


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