These are works in process. Excerpts will be posted as soon as they are available.

Mature audience only (unsuitable for those under 17):  These stories contain graphic violence, strong profanity, explicit sexual content and LGBT themes.

Tin Man

This is a 3 volume science fiction story set on Earth in the not so distant future.

Danni Tailor wakes up most nights with flashes of terrifying memories from his past. He sees images of violence, brutality and death … all from his tours in the great war he assumes. But with noticeable gaps in his memories though, the Marine can’t be sure of anything. Then one day mercenaries come for him. They kill anyone that gets in their way including his friends and loved ones.

Help arrives in the form of Danni’s navy buddy Mason Amende.  He helps Danni escape the mercenaries and both go on the run. They do their best to find out why Danni is being hunted, but come up empty. The military also gets involved sending their own elite team after them. The two men are barely able to keep ahead of the team and know it’s only a matter of time before they are captured.

Desperate to learn why he has suddenly become the subject of a massive man-hunt, Danni joins forces with a familiar stranger, Aren, an advanced humanoid android from Cyber-TEK.  Aren explains to Danni why he is being hunted but he doesn’t like the answers. Locked inside Danni’s memories are secrets that are key to the survival of a few and the destruction of many.

Excerpt: Tin Man – Part 1: The Night before (Isaak)

Son of War

This is an original multi-volume story series, set in the Star Trek* universe @ stardate 2277-95 (between ST2-ST6) with all new original characters.

From birth the half-breed was destined to change the fate of his people.  Surrounded by violence and death from an early age, Lee had to find his own way in the universe. His unstable hybrid physiology caused both his natures to be constantly at odds. Adopted into a new family, he learned new skills and a new way of life, embracing his savage nature while also trying to contain the predator within.

It was Starfleet that would ultimately capture the mongrel lord and coerce him to do their bidding. But his volatile nature was a constant obstacle preventing anyone from controlling him, except the one person who wasn’t afraid to love him. Manipulated by several groups he tried to make a life for himself and find peace from the demons of his violent past.

All the while his people waged war on the Federation and the Romulans, threatening to tear apart the delicate balance in the Beta Quadrant. Civil war, massacres, brutality and death surrounded him and his kind. All attempts at a lasting peace with his people were undermined by those who would prefer a more permanent solution to the threat. Hoping to salvage the last remnants of his race, he would be forced to partner with questionable allies and commit the most unthinkable sin.

Excerpt: Son of War – Escape from Ren’ai

(*Star Trek trademarks, logos, and related names are owned by CBS Studios Inc and Paramount Pictures Corp.)

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