Book: Fight The Gods

I’ve recently picked up a copy of “Fight the Gods” by one of my favorite Star Trek authors Michael Jan Friedman. I had the opportunity to meet him in person and he signed my copy, personalized it too!

Here is the official book description:

At the age of thirty-eight, Zeno Aristos is trying to find himself. Much to his girlfriend’s chagrin, he’s quit the New York City police force and can’t figure out what he wants to do with his life. A job in security doesn’t appeal to him. Bodyguard work leaves him cold. Only single-wall handball, with its street culture of razor-edged competition, seems to get his juices flowing.

Then someone close to Zeno is kidnapped, and his search for that person leads him through a gauntlet of increasingly dark and cryptic forces, taking him from the sullen streets of gang-ravaged Brooklyn to the manicured cemeteries of suburban New Jersey to the slick corporate penthouses of midtown Manhattan. The deeper Zeno digs, the more certain he is that he’s dealing not with a mere earthly adversary, but with an entity steeped in the deepest and most malevolent of ancient mysteries.

In Fight The Gods, Friedman takes a major creative step beyond the Star Trek novels, comic books, and television scripts with which his name has become synonymous, and braves the sinister rooftops and mystical back alleys of urban fantasy. Whatever you think you know of him or of his work…you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

If I get a chance to finish it, amidst everything else on my plate 🙂 … I will post a review. Buy your copy today!


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