Launch all Vipers!

It was a dark and stormy night … no wait, the weather  net would have prevented the storm. Try again.

It was a dark and clear night … no, that won’t work either since we have a big moon in orbit reflecting the sun’s rays. One more time.

It was a bright and clear DAY… Hah! Take that!

Actually it IS really dark outside and it is night.  I am without a doubt a night creature.  I do my best thinking at night. I suppose that is why I hardly sleep … or perhaps I am a vampire … nope not a chance.  I also talk to myself a lot, gets lots of good ideas that way.  I can also take credit since one of me came up with it, so technically it’s not stealing. Besides I can buy myself flowers and feel better about it in the morning. 🙂

Well anywho … this is my first blog and my first post on my first blog.  I can’t write much here since I am also simultaneously … wow long word … working on a story on another window.  For reference it is currently called “Stoic” – title always subject to change. It is a story about a girl and her droid … no it’s not like that!

Since I doubt that anyone will read this post for a while, “Stoic” will probably be done by then. Check out my website for the full story coming sometime soon, I hope.

Going back to my story spinning now.


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