Frequently Asked Questions


What is this series about?
The Son of War series is the story of a human/Debrune hybrid, Lee Wolfe, and his struggle for life set against the back drop of an escalating Federation-Debrune conflict.

What is the time period of this series?
The Son of War series is set during the time period between Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country (TOS Movie era). More specifically, most of the events take place during the Earth years 2277 – 2295, although a few take place before/after this period.

Where in the Star Trek Universe does this story take place?
The Son of War series takes place mostly in the Beta Quadrant. The Federation-Debrune War is waged along the Romulan Neutral Zone area. Some events take place on Earth, Sol Sector.

Are there any pre-existing Star Trek characters in this series?
Not really. The Son of War series is comprised of mostly original characters. There are a few already existing characters that pop in for a scene or two and others that are just referenced.